Rogue Tomatoes


Tomatoes are annuals but these two rogue plants reseeded themselves and began sprouting on their own in early May. Stranger yet… I had peppers in this pot last year.  At first I wasn’t sure if they were in fact tomatoes, they could have been pepper plants or weeds. I have some weeds that grow in my garden that look similar to tomato/pepper seedlings. But here they are, growing strong and one plant already has flowers. I’m guessing they are either cherry or yellow pear since it’s such a small pot. I seem to remember planting those varieties two years ago on the deck. I guess I’ll  know soon enough! I’ll post an update once fruits are growing.

First Sighting of Metallic Green Bees


I was a bit mesmerized bee watching with my morning coffee. I could have watched them for hours. I spotted three different varieties busy pollinating among the flowers: large plump Bumble Bees, small fuzzy Mason Bees and these beautiful cool Metallic Green Bees. The Metallic Green Bee (Genus Agapostemon, also know as Sweat Bees) is a native bee found in North and South America. With a stunning green (or blue) metallic appearance, most males have the metallic green marking on the head and thorax with a yellow and black banded abdomen (as see in the photos) the females often have metallic green on their entire body. Today is the first time I spotted this beautiful creature in my garden. I hope they continue to come and visit!



What to do with all this Basil?

BasilThis year’s basil has been outstanding! 🌱🌱🌱 My harvest has been tasty and plentiful. I’ve cut back all my plants multiple times and they are still going strong. I have been putting basil in everything to try to use it up before we have a cold snap. It’s definitely time to make some pesto. I have never dried basil… I might try it since I have quite a lot.

What do you do with your extra basil?