Coming Back to the Blog

Alley Downtown Jersey City

Two years ago I created this blog with two posts. My gardening continued even though the blog posts did not. This July I started posting more photos and information about the garden via my instagram account using the hashtag #urbangardener. Since then I have been connecting with a lot of gardeners, farmers, cooks and other creatives both locally and from around the world. It’s been fun and I started thinking this is what I should be doing with that blog I created.

So, here I am back on the blog. Let’s see if I can dig this path…

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First Steps


This weekend I went into the garden to take inventory. Every spring I enter the garden to see what has survived over the winter months. I entered with excitement looking into pots and the earth trying to identify just what were those little shoots starting to peek through. With this winter being especially long and cold I was a little worried but it seems like a lot of wonderful things are already growing and much of last year’s plants have made it through. The downstairs garden is already a bit of a jungle with ivy growing over some of the shrubs. There are also a few casualties that didn’t make it through that will need to be removed… and almost everything needs some pruning and clean up.

A few days ago I also started this blog even though I wasn’t really ready. I entered a temporary name for it because I had no idea what I wanted to call it and I put up a “test” home page. To my surprise I had a few “likes” right away on the image I loaded to the home page. I thought to myself “Wait, no don’t like my post yet… I’m not ready!” I need to set up the design, and the pages, and the categories and decide just what is it I’m going to write and it needs a better name. Oh well… I’m taking some first steps and hopefully something wonderful will grow on these pages.