photo credit: Beth Achenbach

Hi, my name is Catherine Hecht but everyone calls me Cat. I live in Jersey City with my wife Beth Achenbach, 3 cats (Rose, Chester, and Hopkins) and Picasso the cockatiel. I was born in the Bronx and raised by my amazing parents Jeanette C. Hecht and Siegfried R. Hecht. My Dad passed away in 2012 and is greatly missed every day.

I try to live a life that is one with nature. I’m a very spiritual person and draw my beliefs from a number of places which I try to set into my daily life—this includes Celtic traditions, Buddhism, and the Episcopalian faith. I love to have my hands in the dirt—gardening feeds my soul.

I’m from an Irish, German, Jewish, Catholic family so of course I like to eat and drink. I enjoy going to new restaurants and trying new foods. I’m vegetarian and to love find inventive, creative vegetarian foods. I like to cook and try new recipes, especially using something I have grown in my garden. I also like going to beer festivals, wine and liquor tastings, and wine and food pairings.

I’m a supporter of the arts and believe we can all tap into the beauty of the world through art if we open our minds to looking through someone else’s lens. I go to a lot of art events and really enjoy speaking to artists about their work and their process. I’m active in my community—I shop local and attend nonprofit events to try to invest my money back into the community where I live.

I’m an activist and registered voter. I believe in equality for all. I’m also a member of the LGBT comuunity. Beth and I are the first couple to become domestic partners in Jersey City and in 2014 we were legally married. I am one of the founding members of JCLGO the organization that started Jersey City Pride and I have been honored with a number of awards for my work in the gay community. The AIDS pandemic and Cancer have both touched my life profoundly and are very important causes to me.

I’m an animal advocate. I used to run a volunteer vet clinic and I have fostered and rescued many abandoned and stray animals. Many people call me the animal whisperer—feral and wild animals have been known to come right up to me and cutting the nails of fickle pets is usually a breeze.

I’m an environmentalist. I try recycling everything, sometimes to a fault. Mother earth provides and nurtures us and I think it’s only right we do the same in return.

I have worked in a lot of different professions over the years but my two passions have been interior and exterior landscaping which I did for more than 10 years and my last 13 years in publishing. I own Harmony Media, NJ and I’m the former publisher of The Jersey City Independent – aka JCI.

I wanted to have a place other than social media to post some of my photos and jot down some of my personal thoughts and experiences on life, gardening, going out, etc. I guess you and I will figure out a little more about me through these pages and entries. If you like what you read, have a suggestion or insight, leave a comment or you can reach me at cathecht(at)gmail.com…Thanks for stopping by!

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