What to do with all this Basil?

BasilThis year’s basil has been outstanding! 🌱🌱🌱 My harvest has been tasty and plentiful. I’ve cut back all my plants multiple times and they are still going strong. I have been putting basil in everything to try to use it up before we have a cold snap. It’s definitely time to make some pesto. I have never dried basil… I might try it since I have quite a lot.

What do you do with your extra basil?

Fall Peaches

Two days ago I was finally able to pick two peaches the squirrel did NOT eat. Early in the season he came to the garden and started biting into all the peaches before they were ripe…. letting the uneaten half fall to the ground to rot. I am not happy with that squirrel!


These two were low hanging and had a chance to grow to baseball size. After posting the image on social media a friend commented that she puts out peanuts to keep the squirrels from eating her bounty. I thought that was a good/easy piece of advise. Next year I might try netting the tree. I read that can help. If anyone out there has other advise or has had  success in this area let me know.

Coming Back to the Blog

Alley Downtown Jersey City

Two years ago I created this blog with two posts. My gardening continued even though the blog posts did not. This July I started posting more photos and information about the garden via my instagram account using the hashtag #urbangardener. Since then I have been connecting with a lot of gardeners, farmers, cooks and other creatives both locally and from around the world. It’s been fun and I started thinking this is what I should be doing with that blog I created.

So, here I am back on the blog. Let’s see if I can dig this path…

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